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 Dynaco ST-35 Amplifier

   New Chrome Chassis      Now with new Black Topper 

   Dave Gillespie's EFB Power Supply PCB
   Dave's new power supply, capacitor board with EFB. converts the 
   ST-35 from cathode bias to a new and innovative "Enhanced Fixed Bias" mode.

   Much more than just a replacement for the original twist-lock cans, and capacitor
   The EFB board also adds all the resistors and rectifier diodes associated with the 
   power supply. Significantly larger overall capacitance and 105 degree rated components
   are specified that far exceed the originals in quality and reliability. The PS brings to
   the ST-35 the following;

     *Increased output power (both channels driven)
     *Lower distortion
     *Lower bias current for extended tube life .27V Set up at 118v house voltage

   Dave Gillespie's Left and Right Amp PCB's
     These all new PCB's, by Dave Gillespie Designs, stay
     true to the Dynaco design just adding some increased
     Capacitor size to accommodate better bass response. 
   All new components for those PCB's

   Original Iron, Power Transformer and L&R Output  Transformer's
      Some believe these Transformers to be the best Sounding Dynaco Made
  Common and Eight Ohm Binding Posts, no 4 or 16 ohm taps
  Four Jim McShane matched Tung-Sol EL84 output tubes Jim
        states one of the best for vintage iron
   Two Jim McShane matched EH 12wd7 preamp tubes
  Three prong power cord with heavy duty on/off switch
      mounted to it.

 No warranty and no returns. I do offer a 30 day repair but the
    customer pays shipping both ways.

    Sold to the lower 48 States ONLY 

Dynaco ST-35 Amplfier

  • No Warranty or Returns Accepted. How ever I do offer a 30 day repair warranty. Customer pays shipping both ways

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