You Stuff You Save
Now it's time fix up that ST-120 you purchased on eBay or any where. 
For just PCB's it's $36.50 also sold on this website.
You will receive the items pictured above. PCB's are back in stock, let me know
what color you want or I'll have to choose the color. At this time I am shipping
what is pictured above, Blue PCB's as well as Red ones. GREEN PCB's are back in stock.
 They look and function great..... The PCB's use the same components as the original PCB's, they are just arranged a bit different. This allows wider solder traces, (more current flow) also allows for more copper in areas of high heat, for instance, under R16 and R17 and under R14, which protects the PCB and extends if life.

Components change from time to time depending on availability, the colors of those 

components change the size changes. Meaning most likely what you receive will be
different from the pictures above. None the less the quality remains HIGH.
You will receive the items pictured above as well as a list of parts used as a check list. 
Kits are put together as purchased please allow a few days time, thank you
The last two pictures are of finished boards (not with this sale), just to give you an idea
of what they look like completed.
Enjoy I did.
Shipping to USA USPS Priority Mail

Dynaco ST-120 PCB's a pair you stuff the PCB's

  • Shipping to any state in the USA Priority Mail is $8.50