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                    SCA 35 New in Box UNASSEMBLED 
             Less Tubes (someone helped themselves to them) I did supply a set 

     of tubes, the 12ax7a and 7199 are great, the EL84's need to be replaced with

     matched tubes, best bet is Jim McShane, follow his advice. These are to get 

       you started, not for the long haul.  

     So I did a painstaking complete inventory, every washer and nut ect ect...

        Other than the tubes and Manual (I supplied one) it's fully in tact. 
     So if you want the fun of assembling a Vintage Dynaco Integrated Amplifier

 this may be for you. Also, the front face plate was missing so I had one and supplied 
it. It's missing the Power and off lettering but is in great shape other wise.   

Power Output: 
35 Watts RMS both channel driven at 1000 Hz

28 Watts RMS both channel driven at 20 - 20,000 Hz (either channel alone 17,5 Watts RMS from 20 - 20,000 Hz)

Harmonic Distortion:  under 1% at rated output

Intrmodulation Distortion:  under 1% at rated output

Both Harmonic and IM Distortion (decrease as power is decreased): blelow 0,2% at average listening levels.

Frequency Response:  20 - 20,000 Hz ±0,25 dB

Tone Controls:  ±12 dB at  50 Hz and 15 kHz

Input Signal Required (for rated output at 1 kHz):

Phono Magnetic : 4 mV

Tape : 2,5 mV

High Level : 1 V

Hum and Noise:  70 dB below 10 mV on low level inputs; 80 dB down on high level inputs

Front Panel Controls:  Selector, Volume, balance, Bass and Treble

Front Panel Switches:  Stereo/Mono; Loudness compensation; Bandpass filter; Power

Rear Panel Inputs:  RIAA magnetic phono (high and low level); NAB 7½" tape head; Radio; Tape and Spare

Rear Panel Outputs:  8 and 16 Ω speaker; Tape output (unaffected by balance tone and volume controls), Center channel output (no auxiliary amplifier needed), provision for headphone connection, two AC convenience outlets.

Rear Panel Controls:  Dual hum balancing pots

Tube and Semiconductor Complement:  2 x 12AX7, 2 x 7199, 4 x 6BQ5, 2 silicon diodes

Power Consumption:  100 Watts at 120 V, 50/60 Hz, I do suggest a Variac so you can control

the voltage.  dynxco dot com

Dimensions  (W x D x H):  13 ½  x 10 ½ x 4 ¼  inches

Weight (shipping):  20 lbs (9,1 kg)


Dynaco SCA-35

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