Custom made Active Cross Over
    Quality components were used thru out. 
This unit was build as and sold as a sub woofer cross over. Although by changing four resistors the cross point can be changed from 10hz to 20000hz. 
There are 3 stereo pots, one for the highs one for the lows and a Damping pot. 
The damping control sets the response at the crossover point. In the center position the response is flat. Set fully counterclockwise there is a 4 dB dip at the crossover point and set fully clockwise there is a 5 dB peak. This extra control enables perfect matching of the speakers at the crossover point. A very subtle control to say the least.
An aluminum cabinet made here in the US to carry the fine electronics.
The top can be gone over with steel wool and painted color of choice or left as it is. 
The Cross Over is used between the audio preamplifier and power amplifiers. The two outputs of the crossover network (one carrying the high frequencies and the other carrying the low frequencies) feed the inputs of two power amplifiers, one for tweeters, one for woofers. This is a bi-amplified system (two amplifiers per audio channel). 
When used with a common (single) subwoofer a sum switch on the front panel allows 
summing of the two low-pass channels. The level of the output is set with a 20 position pot 
(all pots are 20 position) on the front panel.  
There you have it. A fine piece of Audio Equipment meant for the audio file who 
needs to move to the next level.
Because this is an electronic item, it is non-refundable and non-returnable.
30 day repair warranty is offered.
Shipped to the lower 48 only.
I did!! 

Custom Electronic CrossOver

  • 30 day repair warranty is offered.


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